European Swords

Discover the finest European swords at Our collection features longswords, broadswords, rapiers, and more from across Germany, Italy, and France.

Uniquely crafted for authenticity and historical accuracy, our swords are perfect for collectors, historical reenactors, and martial arts enthusiasts. Experience the power and artistry of European swordsmanship.

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Two Handed Sword

Two-handed swords, or greatswords, are large double-edged melee weapons requiring both hands for effective use. Ranging from 45 to 60 inches in length, they offer powerful cutting and thrusting capabilities. Originating in medieval Europe, they symbolize power and mastery.

Types of Two Handed Sword
One Handed Sword

One-handed swords, or shortswords, are versatile melee weapons wielded with a single hand. With lengths ranging from 30 to 40 inches, they offer a balanced blend of cutting and thrusting capabilities.

One and a Half Sword / Bastard Sword

A "hand and a half sword", is a versatile weapon with a blade length between 22-30 inches, allowing for one-handed use with a shield or a two-handed grip.

Types of One and Half Handed Sword
Ancient Swords

Ancient swords, including Roman, Greek, and Celtic varieties, reflect diverse cultural innovations and serve as enduring symbols of early warfare and craftsmanship.

Medieval Swords

Featuring iconic designs like the longsword and falchion, medieval swords exemplify the era's chivalry and progress in weaponry.

Dark Age Swords

Featuring designs like the Viking sword and the Spatha, Dark Age swords signify the period's combat techniques and growth in blade development.

Renaissance Swords

Renaissance swords, including rapiers and sideswords, symbolize the era's refinement in combat and artistry in blade craftsmanship.