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5 Asta Sword Facts From Black Clover

Written By: Allia Luzong
Published On: June 30, 2022
Edited by: Juliana Cummings

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Black Clover’s Asta may not be as well-known as other shounen heroes, but the spirited young man has gone on numerous adventures in the Clover Kingdom  with powerful swords that will make any fan want their own Asta sword replica.

1. You Could Have a Replica of Asta’s Demon Slayer Sword

Asta’s swords help him channel and make efficient use of his anti-magic powers, a unique ability that lets him nullify the effects of other forms of magic in the Black Clover universe. Though Asta wasn’t born with his own magic attribute due to his mother’s abilities siphoning his mana in the womb, Asta later gains his powers through a mysterious five leaf grimoire.

Replica of Asta’s Demon Slayer Sword

This Asta sword replica is a copy of Asta’s Demon Slayer sword, hence the wide flat blade and cross shaped handguard. This massive cosplay and/or collector’s piece is lighter than it looks because it’s made of PVC plastic, a durable material that doesn’t warp or develop discoloration as easily as ABS plastic. 

  • Material: PVC Plastic
  • Length: 127 cm

2. Asta Has Three Swords In the Anime

In the Black Clover anime, Asta only has three swords —  the Demon Slayer Sword, the Demon Dweller Sword, and the Demon Destroyer Sword. These swords are obtained at different stages of his journey as a hero and therefore, they mark the growth of his magical capabilities as well.

Demon Slayer Sword

The Demon Slayer Sword is the first sword that Asta obtains in the Black Clover anime which he gets by summoning the sword through an open grimoire. This makes the sword part of the Sword Magic branch, a kind of magic attribute that gives the user the ability to conjure swords out of thin air.

That said, the sword isn’t all powerful and is restricted to destroying and deflecting magic. When the wielder tries to use the Demon Slayer sword for anything else, it loses its sharp edge. But it’s worth it considering that the sword can be ridden like a Flying Nimbus from Dragon Ball.

Demon Dweller Sword

Asta’s second sword is another one of the show’s anti-magic swords that can be summoned via Asta’s grimoire.

The second sword shares the first sword’s ability to counter magic while being ineffective for fighting non-magical opponents. However, it is slightly more powerful because it absorbs magic from its wielder over time. This allows Asta and Liebe, the demon in Asta’s grimoire, to team up and use the sword’s Black Slashes ability. 

Demon Destroyer Sword

Asta’s third sword is known for being the most powerful one in the anime so far, as it is able to destroy the causal relationship between spells and the natural world through an ability called Causality Break. By doing this, the sword can retroactively change the flow of time and nullify Reincarnation Magic.

3. Asta Has a Fourth Sword In the Manga

Technically speaking, Asta already has a fourth sword in the Black Clover manga: Yami’s Demon Slasher Katana. Not much is known about the sword yet since Asta is still mastering the Demon Destroyer Sword and there’s still a chance that its original owner may reclaim the sword again.

4. The Demon Destroyer Is Currently Asta’s Strongest Sword

The Demon Destroyer Sword may not look too different from Asta’s other blades, but it’s both Asta’s strongest sword and the most powerful anti-magic sword. This is solely due to its ability to reverse the effects of both active spells and spells cast long ago, allowing it to alter causality.

5. The Demon Destroyer Was Owned By an Elf Named Licht

With such a powerful sword around, fans are left to wonder who actually made the Demon Destroyer Sword. While there’s no real clear answer, we do know the sword was originally owned by Licht. 

Licht was an elf who tried to unite humans and elves by befriending humans and marrying Princess Tetia. But after the elves were slain by humans, he decided to take revenge by transforming himself into a demon and attacking the Clover Kingdom. Because of this, he was killed by Prince Lemiel Clover.

That said, fans have speculated that the Demon Destroyer sword was created by Baal, a demon swordsmith who may have been the creator of Asta’s swords.

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Asta’s powers and skills with his anti-magic swords have earned him a place among the Magic Knights, alongside the likes of Yami Sukehiro and Nacht Faust. While Asta sword replicas don’t come with anti-magic abilities, they can still be used as cosplay accessories to bring your favorite Black Clover season to life.

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