Allia Luzong
Allia Luzong

Allia Luzong is a freelance writer and content manager with a particular knack for entertainment content. She embarked on her freelance journey in 2019 and has since worked on a variety of copywriting and content marketing projects. Her writings, which are often about pop culture and anime, can be found in various forms online and in print.

As a content manager and editor for the fantasy swords section at SwordEncyclopedia, Allia combines her passion for storytelling with her knowledge of anime and gaming. She ensures that each piece of content she writes is both compelling and accurate, bringing the magic of fantasy to life for every reader.

Allia also serves as the content manager for Bullet Journal, a role that allows her to explore and share her love for creative organization. As the managing director and writer for A Little Bit Human, where she covers content related to Anime and Movies.


Freelance Content Writer and Content Manager


De La Salle University - Dasmariñas


Anime, Gaming, and Content Marketing