Frequently Asked Questions
Swordis and Relevant InfoSwordis and Relevant Info
Why Choose Swordis Over Other Suppliers?

Swordis began as a hobby project and has evolved into a budding start-up where we are continually working to improve our inventory and services. We have over 1,000 products from 20+ reputable brands, suppliers, and private swordsmiths, all offered at competitive prices. By choosing Swordis, you're guaranteed excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and a vast selection of products from trusted suppliers.

On top of these advantages, we provide one of the best online shopping experiences. Our website is super user-friendly and easy to use, ensuring a seamless browsing and purchasing process for all customers.

When was Swordis Founded?

Swordis was founded by the same team that created SwordEncyclopedia, which later became Swordis Blog—known for being the most reliable source of sword-related information, curated by sword enthusiasts. Our brand was officially launched on August 31, 2023. Although Swordis is a new company, our team brings years of experience in historical research and swordsmanship. We have carefully selected our suppliers and products to ensure the highest quality in our collaborations. We are committed to continuing to provide comprehensive resources on swords for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, while offering a wide variety of high-quality items.

Is Swordis a Sword Manufacturer?

Swordis is not a manufacturer; rather, we are a retail shop that collaborates with 20+ of the most reputable brands, which are vetted by sword enthusiasts. You can visit our brand page to view all the brands included in our collection. We continually update our product inventory and aim to feature all possible brands by the end of 2024. Additionally, we offer a "private label" collection of affordable swords for customers seeking fantasy swords for cosplay or as toys.

Products and OrderingProducts and Ordering
Where Do You Get the Swords From?

We don't source our swords from a single location as we collaborate with numerous suppliers located worldwide in countries including the US, China, Japan, Europe, India, and Africa. All these brands are verified by our in-house team following intensive research and discussions with sword enthusiasts on blogs, forums, and social media.

Can Real Swords be Purchased on the Website?

All of our swords are inspired by historical designs and are crafted by sword makers or suppliers with proven experience. While we do not offer authentic or antique swords, we do have high-quality replicas available to suit various budgets. At the moment, authentic swords, including antique swords, can generally be purchased from specialized antique dealers or from certain regions such as Japan, where traditional swordsmithing practices continue. In Japan, for instance, swords crafted by experienced swordsmiths can range in price from $4,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do you Have all the products in stock?

Some products labeled as "Out of Stock" are currently unavailable, but we retain this status as our suppliers have plans to restock them. All products marked "In Stock" are ready for dispatch either from our US fulfillment warehouse or directly from our suppliers. While we would love to maintain a stock of all the products in our expansive inventory, which comprises 1000+ different types of products, it's unfortunately impractical to do so. Nonetheless, we are constantly working with our suppliers to ensure a steady availability of our diverse range of products to meet your needs.

Can You Make me a Custom Sword?

At the moment, this feature is not publicly available for customers, but we are diligently working on it. By the end of July, 2024, we will introduce a custom sword builder page where you can assemble your own swords using premade parts options. Included in this offering will be Japanese Swords, where you'll have the choice between multiple brands and over 400 customization types. Beyond these builder options, if you have a unique customization in mind, we've partnered with various swordsmiths around the world to help bring your vision to life. Although this feature is not yet publicly available, we welcome inquiries and are happy to accommodate custom requests in the interim. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements. We will share more information as we approach the launch of this exciting new section.

What is the difference between Customer Order and Custom Swords?

On our website, we have some products made on custom request that are not in stock but available to order. This is because the supplier either has a long queue of orders, or some brands, like Z-SEY, are not mass production companies. Each product from their inventory takes a few weeks to a few months to craft. Custom Swords are swords that you can customize using our sword builder or by sending special requirements to us.

Shipping InformationShipping Information
Where can You Deliver Products?

At this moment, we ship products only to customers in the United States for items from U.S. suppliers. However, products from international suppliers can be delivered worldwide, with a few exceptions for countries where there are restrictions on importing swords. If you wish to order a sword from outside of the United States, feel free to contact us via the contact form

How Long Will it Take for my Order to be Shipped?

We typically require 1-2 working days to process orders. Following this, additional time will be needed for the shipping company to deliver your order. This duration varies from 3 to 10 working days for products in stock that are not custom-made, depending on the supplier's location and whether we can ship the products from the US fulfillment center. For more information about shipping times, please check our Shipping and Returns page. There are some exceptions where the products are made only based on requests; for those, we will display on the product page the extra time needed to prepare them before we can ship.

Where is My Order?

You can expect to receive a notification from us once your order has been processed and handed over to the shipping company. This notification will include your tracking code and a link where you can actively track your order. You will receive additional notifications when the shipping company has collected the package, when it's out for delivery, and once it's been delivered.

How much does the Shipping Cost?

Shipping costs typically vary depending on the size of the order and the destination. On average, the shipping cost for an order will be around $20, though it can go up to $40 for larger orders. We offer free shipping for a decent selection of products, which will be clearly indicated on the product page. If there are any shipping costs, they will be calculated on the checkout page.

Cancellations & ReturnsCancellations & Returns
What is the the Return Policy?

Should you find yourself dissatisfied with an item, you have the option to return it to us within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or credit. However, please note that this policy does not apply to items on sale or custom-made items. We collaborate with a variety of suppliers, and as a result, a restocking fee of 10-15% may be imposed by some of them. For further details, please feel free to contact us.

Damaged, Missing or Defective Items Return Policy?

Although it might be rare, mistakes can happen. If you receive an item different from what you ordered, or if something is missing or defective, please contact us. We will carefully review the issue and send you a replacement.