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Best Katana Swords: Our Top 18 Blade Picks for 2023

Written By: David Mickov
Published On: August 25, 2023
Edited by: Juliana Cummings

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When it comes to identifying the best katanas, both functionality and craftsmanship are key factors. Authentic katanas, known as nihonto, handcrafted by Japanese swordsmiths, can command prices of more than $200,000. However, there’s a significant market for high-quality replica katanas outside Japan. These range from practical models priced at around $100 to impressively designed traditional katana replicas that cost up to $5,000.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top katana swords of 2023. Our choices are grounded in functionality, craftsmanship, authentic design, and feedback from the sword community. This guide aims to provide insights into the best replica katanas available, made for both newcomers and experts.

What Makes Them the “Best”?

What Makes the Samurai Swords Best
Matsunaga, a renowned Japanese sword maker, inspecting his newly made samurai blade – Credits: Visit Kyushu

While several good samurai swords are on the market, only a few can be called the “best.” It is important to note that this list is purely our opinion, based on some important factors, which are: 

  • Materials – The choice of blade material plays a pivotal role, be it carbon steel, spring steel, tool steel, or the venerable folded tamahagane steel. Equally vital are the fitting materials, which range from brass and copper to iron. The handle’s craftsmanship, adorned with genuine ray skin and bound in materials such as silk, cotton, or leather, further attests to its quality.
  • Blade construction – When we look at a sword, what stands out most is the design and how the blade is made. Japanese swordsmiths have a unique way of constructing blades. After shaping the blade, it is hardened and tempered, making it strong and flexible. We pay close attention to features like the bo-hi (a groove that makes the blade lighter), the kissaki (the sharpened end), and the hamon (patterns on the blade). We also consider other details that stand out when the smith polishes and sharpens the sword.
  • Fittings (koshirae) design – The fittings, or koshirae, play an important role in a sword’s overall quality and function. They’re not just ornamental𑁋they ensure the sword is balanced, secure, and ready for use. Quality craftsmanship in the koshirae speaks volumes about the sword’s integrity. Attention to detail in these fittings ensures not only aesthetic appeal but also that every part fits perfectly, improving the sword’s overall performance. A well-crafted koshirae signifies dedication to excellence and shows that no aspect of the sword’s design was overlooked.
  • Scabbard (saya) – The scabbard, or saya, is more than just a cover for a sword. Made primarily from quality wood, its main role is to protect and keep the blade tight. The precision of how well the scabbard fits the blade is crucial. A tight fit ensures protection and aids in a smooth draw. Alongside the material and fit, additional details like lacquer finishes can improve its look and feel, making the scabbard functional and visually appealing.
  • Brand reputation and reviews – We keep an eye on sword brands that continue to improve over the years. We consider what customers say about them, what sword fans think, and how the swords perform in real-life cutting tests. Our team stays updated with all consumer reviews and the history behind each brand.
Summary of Best Katanas
Best Overall: Praying Mantis Katana by Paul Chen Hanwei
Best For Authentic and Traditional Craft: Crab Koshirae Tamahagane Katana by Z-Sey Sword
Best for Durability: Dojo Pro Katana Model Eight by Ronin Katana
Best on a Budget: Masashi Performance Katana – Jkoo Swords
Best for Decoration: Ghost of Tsushima Katana/Wakizashi

Best Overall

In our opinion, some samurai swords are crafted to perfection and can stand out as the best overall. They are a perfect blend of enduring quality due to the use of superior steel as well as master craftsmanship. Standing at a perfect price-to-function ratio that will last for generations to come, a balanced weight, traditional design, high-quality fittings, and Japanese art motifs give them a unique place, which adds to the overall status of the sword.

1. Praying Mantis Katana – Paul Chen Hanwei

Best Samurai Sword Overall 1
The Praying Mantis Katana by Paul Chen Hanwei – Credits: CASIberia

The Praying Mantis Katana is one of our top picks for the best overall samurai sword. The motif of a mantis is a highly respected symbol in Eastern Asian cultures, especially Japanese. It represents courage, strength, focus, maturity, and calmness. During cutting practice, the steel of this sword possesses fearlessness, cruelty, and mercilessness.

It is made out of L6-Bainite tool steel, one of the hardest and best metals to work with, and can endure more abusive tests than other sword steels. While it is a real piece of art following traditional katana design, it is an exceptional “battle-ready” sword with differential hardening and grooves that make a satisfying tachikaze sound, resembling a sharp whistle instead of a whooshing sound.

2. Bonji Sanmai Tamahagane Katana – Dragon Sword

Best Premium 2
The SanMai Tamahagane Steel Katana has a beautiful jigane pattern – Credits: SwordCN

One of the finest pieces of Dragon Sword, the Bonji Sanmai Tamahagane Katana, brings attention to detail like no other. It is made using a method called san-mai, which translates to a blade with three different hardening levels: the center, the sides, and the edge. It is made of traditional tamahagane steel, which is folded to produce many visible water-like layers on the blade.

Having a blade with the ripples and patterns of beautiful Damascus steel, this traditionally made katana is a battle-ready sword that can be used for cutting tests and stand out as a decorative piece in any sword collection.

3. Kawanakajima Katana – Dragon King

Best Overall 3
The Kawanakajima battles had no decisive winner but brought many samurai stories to life – Credits: CASIberia

The Kawanakajima Katana stands and represents some of the largest and biggest battles of samurai history𑁋the Battles of Kawanakajima. These bloody battles birthed some of the greatest samurai stories about deeds that may seem unbelievable to the average listener. Still, due to the bravery and bushido code of the samurai and their unwavering loyalty, these historical legends were wholly true. The motif is the five battles of Kawanakajima and Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen, two of the largest samurai names in history, in a one-on-one confrontation.

It is a blade made of powerful T10 tool steel, which has been folded with 9260 spring steel, known for its flexibility and endurance. It follows a traditional katana design with a clay temper and a groove to lighten its weight when used for cutting tests.

4. Imperial Citadel Katana – Citadel Knives and Swords

Best Premium 3
The golden and limited in number, outstanding piece made by Citadel Swords – Credits: CASIberia

This Golden Imperial Citadel Katana stands out from many premium samurai swords due to the limited number created. Only 40 were created, each with its own artisan inscription on the blade’s tang called mei. It is themed after the Imperial Royal Family of Japan with the symbolic chrysanthemum flower in gold, representing the samurai warrior’s courage.

The level of detail is exceptional, with an astounding quality of fittings that make it a truly artistic piece. The blade is made of sturdy yet flexible DNH7 steel, featuring a yokote, a bo-hi groove, and a distinct hamon pattern, making it a light and very functional “battle-ready” sword.

5. Oda Nobunaga Katana – Paul Chen Hanwei

Best Overall 2
Oda Nobunaga is represented as a motif holding a flintlock and powder bag due to the Tanegashima reforms he implemented – Credits: CASIberia

Oda Nobunaga is one of the famous samurais of Japan who greatly contributed to the unification of the archipelago and brought many examples of bravery into battles. Having a figure like Nobunaga on a katana sword symbolizes not only courage and bravery but also the ability to confront challenges head-on and shape them to one’s advantage.

The Oda Nobunaga Katana is made of powerful T10 tool steel, known for its toughness and ability to withstand hard cutting tests while being very flexible. It is an artistic decorative piece that follows traditional katana design and pays homage to one of the great Japanese unifiers. Its blade symmetry with a clay temper and bo-hi groove makes it a fantastic tool for a tameshigiri.

Best For Authentic and Traditional Craft

The best premium samurai swords are entirely based on following traditional methods and using materials such as tamahagane steel. These katana swords are usually more expensive due to the excessive knowledge and effort needed to follow in the same footsteps that traditional and historical Japanese swordsmiths would have used to create their swords.

1. Crab Koshirae Tamahagane Katana – Z-Sey Sword

Best Premium 1
The Crab Koshirae Katana has an exceptional level of detail on top of a very functional tamahagane steel blade – Credits: Z-SEY SWORDS

The Crab Koshirae Tamahagane Katana is an expertly traditionally made Japanese samurai sword that follows the same steps as historical artisans would have used. It is made of tamahagane steel crafted from an iron sand called satetsu. The koshirae, or fittings, follow a crab motif, which in Japanese folklore legends and stories are said to embody the souls of fallen samurai in previous battles.

While being a real artistic piece with exceptional detail that will enrich any sword collection, this Crab Koshirae Tamahagane Katana is a real “battle-ready” sword ready to be used for effective cuts on many practice targets.

2. Orasaku Zukuri HonSanmai Katana – Thaitsuki Swords

Best Craft 2
The HonSanMai Thaitsuki Zukuri Katana has over 1000 visible layers – Credits: Thaitsuki

Thaitsuki swords are known for their exceptional detail on the blade, especially on the handle and scabbard. The Orasaku Zukuri HonSanMai Katana is an artistic piece that would be a wonderful addition to any katana museum. Aside from its pleasing aesthetics, the Orasaku Zukuri HonSanMai Katana is a real, functional blade that can be used for powerful cutting practice.

The blade is made from high carbon and traditionally folded to achieve over 1,000 visible blade layers. The HonSanMai lamination by using different steels adds to the overall beauty of the sword as well as the traditional clay tempering and polishing to show the hamon pattern. 

3. Minamoto Kiyomaro Tamahagane Katana – Z-Sey Sword

QM1KkSyi2Q reArmiiRzxSNM2FmjMntEkwYcxcoXg9CjcohnHCXSQ1hD3XQQn9dhmDKKjxjyYwTw1ZtBrLUA0fv M1IOKi 8IMDvzWPIrZcV6G2R35 ZWpWe5OZ0VfZJsrezFhgNpyf1Q1Nyw Eqf 8
The Z-Sey traditionally crafted katana that pays tribute to Minamoto Kiyomaro – Credits: Z-SEY Swords

Z-Sey swords respect the craft of the Japanese katana by using traditional and real tamahagane steel that has been folded repeatedly to remove its impurities. This particular katana is based on the version made by the legendary 19th-century swordsmith Minamoto Kiyomaro

Living antique swords from Kiyomaro still exist and can be found in Japan. While this replica Kiyomaro sword isn’t the handiwork of a traditional Japanese smith, it mirrors the original strikingly. It has a stunning red color with a fullered blade that can be used for effective cutting tests.

Best for Durability

While some samurai swords do not follow traditionally crafted designs, materials, or artistic motifs, they adhere to a simple yet very functional steel design with high-quality fittings that give the sword an extra edge and endurance when used for prolonged cutting tests.

1. Dojo Pro Katana Model Eight by Ronin Katana

Best Functional 1
The popular Dojo Pro Katana Model Eight is a fan-favorite to many samurai sword beginners- Credits: Ronin Katana

The Dojo Pro Katana Model Eights is the first real functional sword for hard-cutting tests by many sword enthusiasts. It has a simple yet elegant red and black motif design with golden habaki and menuki fittings that make it stand out as an artistic piece. Where this sword shines, however, is the price-to-function ratio.

It is created out of functional yet affordable 1060 carbon steel, which is the perfect balance between hardness and flexibility. With the high expertise of its artisans, this katana can hold its ground even against multiple tameshigiri at once, which makes it an affordable and true “battle-ready” piece.

2. 9260 Steel Nodachi – Dragon Sword

Best Functional 2
The 9260 Steel Nodachi will satisfy the need of a cavalry samurai sword to use for cutting practice – Credits: Dragon Swords

The nodachi was the battlefield sword used by the samurai for real war-like formations that were used before the appearance of the katana. Dragon Sword offers a functional and affordable nodachi that can be used for intense sweeping slash attacks on practice-cutting targets. It has a red-black colored motif that gives it its uniqueness.

The 9260 spring steel is one of the best functional materials for longer swords, making this larger tachi a very affordable starter piece. The fittings are also quality while featuring hishigami beneath the red tachi-ito for the better overall strength of the grip.

3. Practical Katana – Paul Chen Hanwei

Best Functional 4
The popular starter Paul Chen Hanwei Katana sword – Credits: CASIberia

Owning a real martial art Paul Chen Hanwei Katana may not be feasible for some sword enthusiasts. So, as a result, Hanwei prides itself on making an affordable and economical sword that fits the needs of many samurai art practitioners. It is a very simple katana model that focuses entirely on its functional attributes and has proven effective for its lower price tag.

This Practical Katana is made out of 1566 steel, which functions similarly to 1060 carbon steel but is recognized for its higher levels of hardenability. The blade is differentially hardened, and the blade is known for its ability to withstand even hard and prolonged cutting practice tests.

4. Tsunami Great Wave Katana – Jkoo Swords

Best Durability 4
The affordable yet very functional T-10 brown Tsunami Great Wave Katana made by Jkoo – Credits: Jkoo Swords

This T10 tool steel Tsunami Great Wave Katana Sword offers a great price-to-function value. Its blade steel is renowned for its ability to withstand powerful cutting practices. It is mounted on a tsuka handle with real samegawa ray skin and hishigami paper wedges to give it a proper samurai handling attribute. 

The wenge saya is lacquered and shiny with fittings made from traditional horn material. While looking like a decorative sword that a Japanese daimyo would own, this katana is a very functional and durable piece.

Best on a Budget

Some samurai swords stand out for their craftsmanship and affordability, making them accessible to a wider range of enthusiasts. Even while being on a budget, these swords have surprised many with their effectiveness on various targets and artistic appeal that makes them “real” and beautiful decorative pieces. 

1. Masashi Performance Katana – Jkoo Swords

Best Budget 1
The Jkoo Sword takes on an affordable yet functional Miyamoto Musashi Katana piece – Credits: Jkoo Swords

Miyamoto Musashi is the renowned Japanese swordsman recognized today as a kensei, meaning a sword saint. He is a role model for many who inspire katana sword enthusiasts worldwide. This Jkoo Masahi Performance Katana is affordable for beginners and offers great value.

It is a sword constructed with 1050 carbon steel, traditionally folded with different heat treatments throughout the blade. This material makes it a tough yet flexible and useful tool for cutting practice on various types of targets. It comes in an all-black motif with the distinct Miyamoto-styled tsuba handguard.

2. Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model 12 – Ronin Katana

Best on a Budget 1
The affordable and functional beginner favorite Ronin Katana Sword – Credits: Ronin Katana

One of the most popular beginner swords in the sword community, the Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Model 12 by Ronin Katana offers an outstanding value for its low price. The blade is made of a lighter 1045 carbon steel, that has been differentially hardened and can be used for light cutting practice, beautiful sword display, and many iaido stances.

This functional yet economical katana sword can made in over ten different color variations depending on personal preference. Its affordable price makes it a popular gift piece that would make any samurai enthusiast happy.

3. 9260/51crv4 Steel Brushed Version Katana – Dragon Sword

Best on a Budget 4
The budget functional battle-ready sword taken from the Dragon Sword brand- Credits: Dragon Swords

Dragon Sword offers a very budget-friendly spring steel katana sword which features a bo-hi fuller groove as well as differential hardening. The spring steel, which can be chosen from two variations, is known for its elasticity and flexibility, which the blade length of a katana highly benefits from.

The steel choice, the option of hishigami in the tsuka, and the different blade attributes and cosmetics make this a very functional piece that could act as a powerful cutting practice tool even on a tameshigri mat or a stunning decoration piece.

Best for Decoration

Some swords are simply sought after as a way to enhance and enrich somebody’s home with the samurai spirit. These katanas are generally on the more affordable end of the spectrum and make great display pieces thanks to the choice of stainless steel. They are great cosplay unsharpened pieces with beautiful aesthetics, making them stand out as a unique blade.

1. Ghost of Tsushima Katana – Jkoo Swords

Best Daisho Set 2
The Ghost of Tsushima-inspired Daisho Set – Credits: Jkoo Swords

The popular game, Ghost of Tsushima, has drawn many newcomers to the world of the katana. Jkoo Swords have brought just the thing for interested samurai enthusiasts by offering a whole daisho samurai set, which consists of a katana, wakizashi, and a smaller tanto dagger.

With it’s stunning motif, this Ghost of Tsushima sword set is created out of T10 tool steel which can be used for very powerful cutting practice tests. While it requires regular maintenance as a functional blade, the aesthetics of this set alone make it a highly desired katana set.

2. Practical Iaito – Paul Chen Hanwei

The stainless steel Iaito Katana that can be used as a beautiful decoration piece – Credits: CASIberia

An iaito is a katana-styled sword that isn’t sharpened and meant to be used for iaido practice. While effective for honing one’s kamae stances or kata attacks, stainless steel iaito swords are perfect to use as a katana decoration, cosplay, or LARP (live-action roleplaying) piece. Paul Chen Hanwei has expertly crafted just that with this stainless steel piece.

This Practical Iaito brings the authentic appearance of a real and traditional katana design. Its stainless steel material gives it superior rust and corrosion resistance, making it a beautiful decoration even while unsheathed. It will require maintenance, however, but in much less demand than a carbon steel blade.

3. 1045 Steel Basic Katana Sword – Dragon Sword

Best Decoration 3
The very affordable yet elegant decorative Katana with great detail – Credits: Dragon Swords

Swords on the other end of the decorative katana spectrum are quite affordable. Because their main attribute is to decorate and enrich the environment around them, their blade isn’t of endurable high quality, nor are their fittings of real authentic material. Despite that, some decorative katanas are great for a sword display, mounted on a wall, or placed on a stand.

The 1045 Steel Basic Katana Sword made by Dragon Sword is a great example. This katana has great detail, which, from a distance, gives it the appearance of an authentic nihonto. It is made of real carbon steel, featuring a bo-hi fuller and a hamon pattern.

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