Advertising Editorial Policy

Page has been updated on 25.03.2024

At Swordis, we believe in maintaining transparency and preserving editorial integrity. Our product and brand recommendations are based on thorough and careful research to the best of our knowledge and abilities at the time of writing.

All our blog posts, product or brand reviews, and social media are doubly vetted by our editors to ensure that the best advice reaches our readers.

Key Principles

With a strong belief in editorial independence, Swordis has a clear separation between editorial content and any commercial influence. Since our recommendations are based on the merits of each product, we are committed to being unbiased and providing honest evaluations, even recommending products outside our own inventory.

However, reality dictates that each company’s survival is based on profit. Therefore at Swordis, our strategy for revenue focuses on monetizing content, and may include the promotion of our own products along with external brands, affiliate links and more.

Note that all sponsored or advertorial content will be clearly labeled to ensure a clear distinction from our regular editorial content.

Although purchasing through affiliate links in our articles may result in us receiving a small commission, there is no bias as we are committed to providing honest assessments.

Content Guidelines

Swordis prioritizes products that the team has had hands-on experience with and when necessary, consult and outsource to experts who are then credited accordingly. Additionally, we also delve into the opinions of the community through forums, social media groups, and more.

Our product reviews are based on multiple factors including historical accuracy of the sword, functionality, value for money, craftsmanship, durability, and more.

For partnerships, we reach out to each brand individually to gain an in-depth understanding of their products, materials, and production process. When an agreement is reached, we agree on a range of swords from the brand to maintain a standard to ensure customer satisfaction.

As we are a growing company, our business model is constantly evolving to promote growth along with reader and consumer satisfaction.


Open to Feedback

As believers in continuous learning and growth, we are happy to review any feedback or suggestions regarding our site and content. These can be submitted to the same email address mentioned above.