Alec Newland
Alec Newland

Alec Newland aka Gesiþas Gewissa on Youtube, graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in Zoology, writing his thesis on the domestication of the horse and its impact on human history. Since then he has delved further into human history and archaeology, finding the Late Antiquity and Early Medieval periods fascinating. As an experimental archaeologist, Alec specializes in the Early Anglo-Saxon period and spent two years on a project working to reconstruct the famous 7th century Sutton Hoo longship. Now, Alec is working on creating YouTube videos reconstructing life in Anglo-Saxon occupied southern Britain during the late 7th century. Alec’s interest in swords lies in what they can tell us about the rise and fall of dynasties, cultural beliefs, and specifically their use in the development of cavalry warfare.

Since he was involved in many interesting historical projects, him and his work has been featured on CNN, ITV, The Times, and many more.


Experimental Archaeologist and Youtube Content Creator at Gesiþas Gewissa


University of Exeter


Living Archeology and History, Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Period