Sebastian Szukalski (IPostSwords)
Sebastian Szukalski (IPostSwords)

Sebastian Szukalski has been studying and collecting antique swords from the Near East, Middle east, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Far East for over 10 years. In his time researching antiques, he has also studied ferrous archaeometallurgy and the conservation of ferrous artifacts, with several videos published on the use of chelation and acid etching of antiques on his youtube channel IPostSwords.

He was a founding member of the International Wootz Society, where he is currently the secretary. The IWS aims to improve understanding of crucible steels, and educate about its history.

In addition to his academic and research pursuits, Sebastian is an active contributor to his Reddit community, dedicated to educating people about antique swords. He engages with community members daily, sharing his knowledge and expertise, answering questions, and fostering a greater appreciation for the history and craftsmanship of these fascinating artifacts.


Secretary at International Wootz Society


University of Technology, Sydney


10 Years Collecting Antique Swords, 5 Years of HEMA