Editorial Values and Standards

Page has been updated on 25.03.2024
Swordis has been a culmination of interests from several parties on swords, history, culture, and the passion for sharing accurate information. 

Our Journey

Our journey first began in 2021 as Sword Encyclopedia, a dedicated resource platform for beginners, enthusiasts, and veterans of various blades in the world. However, the team was soon struck by reality, realizing that some profit was required to maintain the platform. For this reason, we decided to merge the blog and a commerce site to become Swordis, resulting in the comprehensive resource you know today.
March 21, 2022
Planning SwordEncyclopedia
June 17, 2022
SwordEncyclopedia went live
July 7, 2023
SwordEncyclopedia reached 4000 visits per day. 
December 22, 2023
 SwordEncyclopedia merged with Swordis.com
Running and Improving Swordis Blog day by day
Our articles have served as resources for schools and universities globally and have been highlighted in international publications.

Guiding Principles

When we first started as Sword Encyclopedia, we realized that there was much misinformation and regular updates on history. Therefore, we aimed to share various historical perspectives along with the culture, heritage, and tales each blade offers.

As Swordis, our mission has not changed and we hope to become the definitive online source for knowledge on various blades for all enthusiasts, beginners, and experts.

With these principles and aims in mind, our editorial members uphold the principles of accuracy, respect for historical context, and impartiality by conducting thorough research to produce high quality pieces with clearly identified sources to the best of our abilities.


Our Editorial Process

To produce high quality engaging pieces, the team begins by researching topics of interest for readers, keyword research, and more. After that has been decided, the assigned writer delves into primary sources for the article and consults with industry experts when necessary.

Next, the writer begins the writing process and ends it by fact checking their article before submission. The article then goes through the process of editing and review before it is published.

Our Advertising Editorial Policy includes more details of our commitment to transparency.

Our Commitment to Quality

As mentioned above, the Swordis Editorial Team believes in high editorial standards with an emphasis on fact checking, crediting relevant sources, and having all articles going through a rigorous review process.

Due to the ethical issues and potential misinformation associated with AI generated content, we do not support the use of AI in writing content as each article reflects the passion and knowledge of the assigned writer. Although rare, we only use AI occasionally as a tool for light editing purposes to improve readability scores. However, this will be mentioned in each article if this will be the case.

Additionally, we believe in the use of conscious, inclusive, and neutral terms, and doing our best to put it into practice. Some examples in our articles may include the use of

  • BC to BCE or AD to CE
  • They / them when we are unsure of one’s gender
  • Craftsperson instead of craftsman
  • Swordsperson instead of swordsman

Editorial Team

Our editorial team first began with individuals who are passionate in history and culture along with sharing accurate information with readers. Over time, this passion has only deepened as we find much beauty in various cultures all over the world. Our members include:
Avatar of David Mickov
David Mickov
A historian inside and out, David is a 26 year old graduate in the field with many certificates. He traveled from Ireland, passing through countries such as France, Germany, and other in-land countries before reaching Turkey to broaden his historical experience. He has since became interested in medieval weapons after engaging in several LARP games during this time.
Avatar of Juliana Cummings
Juliana Cummings

Write for Swordis

The Swordis Editorial Team looks forward to any writers who have aligned principles and want to contribute to the platform For those interested, feel free to send us a message at support(at)swordis.com along with your portfolio.

We do not accept guest posts or sponsored content on our site.

Honorable Mentions

As mentioned, our editorial team also occasionally reaches out to experts in the industry for interviews or re-quotes them from a primary source. Although they are not part of the Swordis team, we would love to credit the following:
Abigail Cambal 2
Historian with 3 Years of Experience in Studying Swords
Abigail Cambal
Historian with 3 Years of Experience in Studying Swords

Open to Feedback

As believers in continuous learning and growth, we are happy to review any feedback or suggestions regarding our site and content. These can be submitted to the same email address mentioned above.