Jolene Sim
Jolene Sim

Jolene has been writing and editing for almost a decade and concentrates on medical and technical writing. Currently working with a good friend to make Sword Encyclopedia a success, she has a newfound interest in history. During the past year, she has spent time researching about various swords and their histories, hearing from experts in the field, and learning how in-depth the industry is while juggling other freelance projects.

Although she has a decent knowledge of Asian culture, this project has sparked a greater interest in Asian history and folklore. As a result, she aims to learn Chinese so she can delve deeper into the relevant texts and history. When she is editing articles especially for Sword Encyclopedia where she has more say over the content, she prides herself on respecting the writer’s voice and style, allowing them to express themselves through their pieces.

Identifying as an introverted couch potato, she enjoys geeking out with anime, gacha games, and books from authors like Diana Wynne Jones, JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, and more. Her other interests include art, music, food, travel, and different cultures.


Freelance Writer and Editor


International Medical University Malaysia


Asian Culture, History, Anime and Gaming